7 Super-simple Christmas craft DIY projects

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The Christmas season is a time of traditions, and for me one of those traditions is hauling out the craft supplies and making a huge mess, usually late at night… making something new for my home. Here’s a round-up of seven easy Christmas crafts you can browse for ideas. Each one has its own blog post, so just follow the links for the tutorials! Happy crafting!

Quilted seasonal kitchen towel

I’ve been making these for over 30 years – Quilted Kitchen Towels are SO adorable and can be adapted to any season! (You might also enjoy the little story about what happened when I made one for my mother!)

Quilted kitchen towel project
Embroidery hoop, seasonal kitchen towel, a bit of stuffing, and embellishments – easy and cute!

Toaster Pastry Candy House

Grown-ups AND kids can have fun with this one – the Toaster Pastry House is an easy twist on the classic gingerbread house.

Toaster pastries, candy, and even a little silver display tray were all from Dollar Tree!

Easy Christmas Art from gift bags

A couple years ago, Dollar Tree had the CUTEST series of gift bags. I framed up a set of three for instant Christmas Gift Bag Art! Like the kitchen towels above, this one can be adapted to fit other seasons.

You can make your own custom frames if you’re handy, or just trim the bags to fit existing frames. I’m still using these, three years later!

Christmas Village Carousel

My Christmas Village has a different look – I paint my buildings pink and cover them in glitter! (I also designed a turning carousel to stack it on. You can read about that here, although the post is not a tutorial because Greg built it for me.) The Christmas Village and its carousel are magical!

I love the pink frothy carousel because it takes up less room. It still needs a topper on the center post, and I’m looking for a way to motorize the spin!

Quick ‘Flip’ for Santa’s Thrifted Boot!

Paint and glitter transformed an okay thrifted ceramic project into a show-stopper!

This one was as easy as painting and applying glitter, using supplies I already had on hand!

Secondhand Goblets Transformed for Christmas

Another simple “paint it and fill it” project. I painted crystal goblets and filled with seasonal florals and craft picks. You can vary the colors and filler for different seasons on these painted goblet floral containers!

I kept the gold goblets non-seasonal so I could easily add Christmas or other seasonal baubles when needed. You could also try different paint colors for other seasons.

Teacup Christmas Tree

A single ornament gifted to me by my daughter inspired me to collect miniature tea things and turn them into ornaments. Learn my tips and tricks for making teacup Christmas ornaments!

Miniature tea things are easily turned into tree ornaments!

Are you trying any new crafts this Christmas? I’d love to know what you’re making! Here’s an image to Pin if you’d like to save this post for future ideas!

7 cute Christmas crafts

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