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Beach themed tablescape for end of summer

In 2021, at about this time of year, my sweetie and I got to take a really unique vacation – we drove from Iowa down to the Gulf area of the US, and thanks to a friend who owns a … Continue reading

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Engage your senses to enjoy the last of Faded Summer

There are still a few weeks to go in the “unofficial fifth season” of Faded Summer (by decree it ends September 30th), and I hope you will continue to enjoy the remainder of it using these past few blog posts … Continue reading

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Basic birdwatching and bird feeding: Make feathered friends in Faded Summer!

I’ve always enjoyed seeing birds around my yard, but over the past couple of years I’ve made an effort to learn a bit more about them and provide supplemental food and water that would appeal to them. I’ve come to … Continue reading

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Five simple ways to decorate for Faded Summer

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps one in a continued state of inelegance.”– Jane Austen, 1796 I’ll be honest, “Faded Summer” is kinda kickin’ my butt this year because Mother Nature is really clinging to the “Summer” half … Continue reading

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A simple Faded Summer tablescape

This year’s Faded Summer tablescape does a particularly good job of capturing the colors and textures of the unofficial fifth season. It still looks like summer, but a faded or more muted version of those summer colors. Continue reading

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