Engage your senses to enjoy the last of Faded Summer

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There are still a few weeks to go in the “unofficial fifth season” of Faded Summer (by decree it ends September 30th), and I hope you will continue to enjoy the remainder of it using these past few blog posts for inspiration. (Or, enter your email address over on the right there and request your free copy of the Official Guide!)

This post is essentially just a final tip for fully savoring the last remnants of summer. Ready? Here it is:

Engage your senses!

You know the old expression, “stop and smell the roses”? That saying is probably more relevant today than ever. I usually try to just slow down a bit at this time of year because it feels like we are always rushing toward the next thing, even moreso as we approach the fourth quarter of the year known for its extra hustle-and-bustle. I want to encourage you to pause whenever you are feeling rushed or overwhelmed, and take just a moment to see, touch, smell, taste, or hear something very intentionally.

For me, there are a few specific things that delight each of my senses at this time of year. Maybe you have your own, but you can absolutely borrow my list if you need a jumpstart!

Sight: Faded flowers, migrating birds, the way the sun hits the landscape as its relative zenith changes its height in the sky.

Sound: Cicadas, crows, the change in the “frog chorus” to include American Bullfrogs, and the distant sound of high school marching band practice at 6:30 a.m.!

Texture/touch: Fabrics like wash-worn denim or corduroy, or even garden experiences unique to the season: have you ever run the palm of your hand over the crest of a mum plant that’s in full bloom? Soft and bumpy, like a chenille bedspread!

Textures of Faded Summer

Taste: Sweet corn, apple crisp, pears – the natural flavors of Faded Summer!

Tastes of Faded Summer

Smell: Comfort-cooking (time to turn the oven on again, at last!), the refreshing smell of cool early morning or late night air (and rain!) when you’re finally able to open the windows.

The neat thing about inventing your own unofficial season is that you get to decide when it starts and ends. I’ve always said, Faded Summer is from August 1 – October 1, unless I decide to extend it or end it early. This year it seems like the weather has stayed hotter for longer, and I do admit I am going to be ready for cooler temperatures (and decorative pumpkins) VERY SOON.

I plan to use the rest of Faded Summer finding and appreciating the small details of seasonal transition as often and as intentionally as I can. I’d love to know what your favorite sensory pleasures are in Faded Summer. Share your thoughts in a comment on this blog post (click the headline at the top of the post then scroll to the end and click “Leave a Reply”), or visit the blog’s Facebook Page (Vintage Floral Cottage) and leave a comment there!

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