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Frame up Christmas Decor with Dollar Tree Gift Bags

Frame up coordinated Christmas gift bags from Dollar Tree for inexpensive and super-cute holiday wall art! Continue reading

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Simple and fun Christmas project: Make a Pop Tart “gingerbread” house!

This is one of those projects you nearly scroll past on Pinterest because you don’t have little kids anymore and you think it isn’t grown up enough… Continue reading

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Paint your vintage and antique furniture if you wish – and don’t let bullies tell you otherwise

If you’re ever up for a little online verbal abuse, join a decorating group on Facebook then post a picture of a piece of vintage or antique furniture and ask for people’s opinions on what color you should paint it. … Continue reading

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Spooky gothic Halloween tablescape

Although I don’t really decorate for Halloween in the same sense that I decorate for Fall or Christmas, I did decide that I would put together a tablescape this year. My challenge with this “holiday” is that I don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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My five favorite repurposing projects

I’ve always been a project-starter, since ancient grade-school times when I would get bored and decide to “make a magazine” or write a short story or even get out Dad’s circular saw and build a bookcase (age 16 – can’t … Continue reading

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