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Easy fence decor DIY with hub caps and garden hose

Because I live in a rented house, I can’t make permanent changes to the structure of the house or property. That means any DIY projects have to be temporary. Outside, carving out an entire cottage garden is not allowed but … Continue reading

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DIY: a new skirt for my cottage kitchen sink

Happy new year, friends! I hope your transition to 2018 was a good one. Mine definitely was – I was quite content to spend NYE and NYD at home, because of the absolute frigid temperatures here. It has been below … Continue reading

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Cute project for kitchen towels

This is a craft that I first learned to do back around 1991. They are simple little wall hangings, made from a kitchen towel. You stitch around the main part of the design, fill the stitched part with stuffing, and … Continue reading

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Upcycled chairs get a storybook look

I’m hosting a Christmas cookie party in early December, so I’ve been on the hunt for a couple extra dining chairs that I can pull in if needed for my guests. I scored four – one pair was free, and … Continue reading

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Custom dish storage cabinet

I seem to be able to hand Greg any crazy idea I have in mind, and he has the ability to build it “on the fly” without plans yet somehow immediately getting my vision for what I’m needing to build. Case … Continue reading

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