What will your holidays look like?

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What will “the holidays” look like for you this year? Are you scaling back or forging ahead as usual? I’m sure this blasted Coronavirus is factoring into nearly everyone’s plans in one way or another.

As for me, I’m planning to “carry on” as close to normal as possible, with some adjustments, of course. I’m hoping that by doing a few things just as I’ve always done it will help the holidays seem less disrupted.

Decorating – My home will be bedecked and bejeweled as always! In fact, I’m planning extra sparkle at Christmas just to help keep spirits bright. Tablescapes will also be part of the decor, even if they are just for fun this year.

Food – I scuttled plans for my annual Christmas Cookie Exchange party, so as kind of a consolation prize for myself I’m watching a lot of cooking shows and trying some new recipes. Any actual holiday cooking will be strictly traditional favorites. (Speaking of cooking shows… I’m amazed and delighted that my daughter has launched her own cooking channel over on YouTube! She’s adorable, y’all, so give her a quick thumbs-up and a comment if you like – I know she’d appreciate it!)

Gifts – I’ll probably do a lot of my shopping online this year, but make no mistake: there is still shopping to be done, and I love choosing gifts for others! In case you’ve got hostesses and tablescapers on your list, I’ve chosen a few things via Amazon that you will LOVE to give! Check out my Holiday Gift Guide here!

Gratitude, Reflection, and Resolving – Like every year, I’m taking full stock of the many blessings in my life and I’ll be looking ahead to finding the things I can do better in 2021. These activities aren’t just “mind exercises,” they’re part of the way we mark the passage of time – traditions, in and of themselves.

I haven’t really talked much about “the virus” here on the blog. I just hate it, as a topic of conversation and for the impact it has had. Of course I recognize the need to be cautious, but in my opinion things have been blown way out of proportion in terms of our reaction to it. I’m distressed over what we have done to our economy (national and local) because of it. I’m distressed over the way it has divided us. I wholly reject phrases such as “the new normal” – there is NOTHING normal about not being able to hug each other, not being able to attend weddings and funerals, or sit with dying relatives, or patronize struggling small businesses. And don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy I’ve witnessed in all of these areas.

My approach has been to essentially keep living my life as normally as possible, but even then I have become hyper-aware of potentially “unclean” situations and I now have a certain level of anxiety about being in crowds that I’ve never really had before.

Suffice to say that like everyone I remain very concerned about the virus’s ongoing impact on our public health, the economy, and of course individual friends and family members. It is distressing and disheartening, to say the least. Which I think is why I’m determined to “keep calm and holiday on” this year!

How about you? Whatever you are planning for your holidays, I wish you good health and happiness!

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