Wait… what happened to Fall?

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I swear I have no idea what happened to Fall, y’all! One minute I was enjoying our gorgeous Autumn colors and the next it turned frigid and now everything that was still blooming in the garden has been cold-snapped and is done for the year! This is literally the difference one day made in my little zinnia garden!

Left: October 18, a little faded, but still lots of bloom time to enjoy… or so we thought! Right: Oops, October 19, all done for the season!

I’m so glad I went out and cut some still-fresh zinnias from the patch, because the very next day, they were gone.

This turned out to be the last bouquet from the zinnia/cosmos patch out front (my cardboard flower bed).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for the beautiful colors this year but honestly, between the Coronavirus, an August “derecho” (inland hurricane), and now an October deep freeze… it really looks like 2020 just does not want us to have nice things!

Left: Our visit to the Pheasant Run Farm “Sunflower Experience” on Saturday, August 8. Right: the destroyed sunflower field at Pheasant Run Farm on Monday, August 10 after an inland hurricane cut a swath across Iowa.

A couple other things I’m grateful for this week: we determined (unexpectedly) that my little mobile home needed a new furnace – got that put in the Friday before the Monday when everything froze. (I’m grateful for the financing on this major purchase, too!) And, I’m still working from home so I don’t have to go out in the cold and snow to get to work.

Trying really hard to find the silver lining here! LOL

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