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Easy Christmas Craft/DIY: Thrift flip for Santa’s boot!

Found this cute ceramic Santa boot at Goodwill awhile back, and I bought it to do an easy flip since my Christmas color palette leans more toward (wayyyyy more toward) pink, white, and gold. It’s a pretty good size, and … Continue reading

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Windsor Fruit Thanksgiving Tablescape

Suggest a theme involving abundance or bounty, and I am all over it – if you look up the word “maximalist” in the dictionary, you’ll probably see my face. (And I hope it’s one of those old-timey line drawings, because … Continue reading

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Extra sparkle for a Christmas that really needs it

This year I knew I was going to need a tree with more gold, more glitter, and just… EXTRA! And VOILA! Instantly brighter spirits! Continue reading

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My pink sparkly, feathery Christmas village carousel of joy

I kept thinking about how I might stage my little village this year, and hit upon the idea to put it on a tiered stand so it would take up less room. But not just any tiered stand… it was going to be a spinning tiered carousel of pink sparkly feathery Christmas goodness! Continue reading

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I made a Yule Log Cake – Buche de Noel!

I mean – come on – it’s adorable! As soon as I figured out that the roll was going to work, the rest was a breeze. Continue reading

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