And now it’s Fall – catching up!

What a difference a month makes! At this point in September I was all, “Oh it’s not Fall, it’s Faded Summer” and I was resisting like mad the urge to go full-on Pumpkin with the decor. Temperatures were still in the 90’s when I paid a morning visit to the Valley Junction Antique Jamboree (outdoor antique show within walking distance of my house):

Antique Jamboree | VFC Style

Antique Jamboree | VFC Style

My picks from the DOLLAR JEWELRY TABLE!

Antique Jamboree | VFC Style

Sweet vintage hat box, $3

… and they were STILL in the 90’s when I headed to Florida to visit my daughter who is working (again) at Disney World until January.

Disney World 2017 | VFCStyle

Animal Kingdom – spent 9 hours here and still didn’t see it all!

Disney World 2017 | VFC Style

Starting the day at Magic Kingdom

Disney World 2017 | VFC Style

And ending the day at Magic Kingdom… I love this place!

Disney World 2017 | VFC Style

St. Pete’s Beach, The Gulf of Mexico

Then I came back on October 1 and BOOM – it was most definitely Fall, Y’all, and time to start putting some Autumn into my decorating!¬†Which I have definitely done, so I’ll be showing that soon!


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