Patience pays: curved-glass curio cabinet

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One of the things I’ve learned through buying and selling furniture via the online marketplace apps is that if you are patient, a good deal will come along on whatever you are looking for. Although Greg and I are mostly out of the furniture trade now, I had been wanting to replace my tall/narrow glass curio cabinet (one of Greg’s curb-finds, which served me well for two years!) with the wider curved-glass style. The truly antique ones can be soooo expensive.

I was walking through The Picker Knows (local antique mall where we used to have our furniture booth) one day a couple weekends ago and spotted these two little cuties, all painted storybook-perfect… just $25 each, and I thought about buying them, but left the store without.

Cute Cottage Furniture | VFC Style

And glad I did NOT spend my money, because¬†the next morning I got a Facebook message from Greg – he had found a curved-glass curio, and by some stroke of luck I was the first person to inquire. We went immediately to pick it up… it is probably only about 25 years old but it is solid wood, not the cheap fake stuff they use these days. It shows some wear but I absolutely love it.¬†It is very hard to photograph though – here it is with the door open.

Curved Glass Curio | VFC Style

If definitely holds more than the old one, and it gave me an opportunity to give my “glass grizzly” – a gift from my Dad when I was nine years old – pride of place at top-shelf-center. (The bear is actually bone china – he has followed me to every place I’ve ever lived, including two colleges, and he has survived two whole-house-destroyed floods. He is a treasure for sure!)

Bone China Grizzly | VFC Style

I am still debating whether to paint the new cabinet, but now that would be a major project because I’ve already filled it up with treasures!


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