I can’t get enough of (insert decor fad here)!

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Decor trends I love | Vintage Floral CottageI’m a firm believer that it’s not enough in life to complain about or tear down what you don’t like. You also should spend a little time building up the things you DO like. So in that spirit, and in contrast to my post about decor trends that I am “over,” I thought I’d share a few trends that I simply cannot get enough of.

Painting furniture! Although I know there are times when the original or restored finish is the best solution for a particular piece, I have no problem at all with the concept of painting furniture. Painting furniture has made a strong comeback in recent years thanks to products like chalk paint and mineral paint. And the results have been amazing!

The time-worn look. Things that show their age speak of history. And as I get older, I am realizing that things which survive decades just have a lot more personality than things which are brand new. (They’re also, generally speaking, of higher quality, but that’s another issue altogether.) So give me a home filled with carefully-chosen pieces or even impulse buys, full of imperfections but evoking the spirit of having seen (and survived) a thing or two.

Roses! I just love this flower as a motif on anything and everything – dishes, linens, even furniture! Every time I see roses as an embellishment, I feel transported to an English cottage garden filled with heavenly scents, beautiful blooms, and perhaps a secluded bench to invite thoughtful enjoyment of the surroundings.

Junk-to-treasure. Make garden art out of a bowling ball? A coffee table out of book crates? A pendant light out of a metal colander? I love the clever re-purposing of cast-offs, discards, and just plain junk. These types of items give a home character, give new life to old things, and keep junk out of our landfills. Win, win, win!

What trend or fad do you find yourself ooo-ing and ahh-ing over?

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