Enough with the (insert decor fad here)

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Chevron, Chalkboard, Ombre trend | Vintage Floral CottageI have to admit it: there are a few decorating fads I’m “over.”

Some I never liked at all, one or two were okay when they first appeared on my radar but quickly wore out their freshness. Most, I am still seeing in my Pinterest feed and I end up scrolling right past them.

Of course, I realize and appreciate that there are people who love these popular looks. Indeed, personal taste is just that – personal – and in fact, it all boils down to opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.

So for the record, here are my least favorite decorating fads of the last few years:

ChevronsThe chevron, as a motif with its straight lines and pointy tips, doesn’t look comfortable or homey, and never did. Even if it’s on bedding, or a pillow. It just looks painful. You know who can get away with chevrons? Charlie Brown. Yep, Charlie Brown rocks the chevron and always has. In fact, he never wears anything else. Does he have a dozen identical chevron shirts, or just one? And if the latter… how on earth has it survived the laundering all these years? In any case, Charlie Brown looks good in chevrons. My bed does not.

ChalkboardsChalkboard paint hit it big a couple years ago and suddenly everything from cookie jars to refrigerators became an old-school write on/wipe off surface. This is one of those things that I’m actually sorry to say I don’t like. There are some very cute projects out there – heck I even made one myself! I just haven’t seen or thought of anything that really fits our style or daily logistics here, so I haven’t used it in my own home.

Ombre – I knew what “ombre” looked like, but I didn’t understand why it was called ombre until I looked it up for this post. Turns out it’s from French or Latin meaning “shading.” Not to be confused with hombre, which is Spanish slang for “man” or “guy.” Although, I suppose if you were of French & Spanish descent, you could actually be an ombre hombre – a shady guy! Okay, so at least I understand the term, even if I’m ready for the trend to exit stage-right.

Okay now that I have slaughtered a few of the sacred cows of DIY and decorating, it’s your turn. What are you over? What are you still loving? And yes, it’s okay to say chevrons, chalkboards, and even ombre.

P.S. – I was never into crafting with the facial hair motif, either, so I mustache you to stop that.


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