Extra sparkle for a Christmas that really needs it

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Early this Christmas season, I vowed to bring a little extra sparkle into my holiday decor. I knew I was going to need it – “keeping spirits bright,” and all that, in a year when even my normally bright spirits really needed a lift.

The biggest sparkle I brought to my decor this year was a new-to-me tree. Normally I would be using my pink flocked tree with its sweet Shabby chic vibe. But this year I knew I was going to need something less subdued, more gold, more glittery, and just… EXTRA! I got very lucky right around Thanksgiving because I found the perfect tree at my favorite consignment store at a great price. Brought him home and – voila! – instantly brighter spirits!

I didn’t even bother with a skirt because I liked the way the lights twinkled on the glass tabletop. It looks especially magical – as they all do – in the evening when the room is dimly lit, but truthfully, I’ve kept the tree lights on every waking moment this month.

All of my existing ornaments look amazing on this tree – I only added a couple things this year: sparkly gold clip-on poinsettias from Dollar Tree and a set of gold “box”-style ornaments (with gold dangly jewels!) from the same consignment store. Here are some close-ups that hopefully capture the especially bright spirit of my 2020 Christmas tree:

Vintage kissing angel ornament
My extra-special Old Country Roses teacup ornament by Royal Albert China Co., a gift from my thoughtful daughter.
My shabby-sweet pink St. Nicholas ornament from Hobby Lobby. He’s got that vintage German-glass look about him.
A shimmery silver peacock also from Hobby Lobby.
Set of 12 (oops – 10…!) spun-glass hearts found at a thrift store about 10 years ago.
New this year: glittery gold cubes with dangly jewels, consignment store finds.
Green beaded pears – thrift store treasures. I only have 3 of these.
Pretty satiny pink with gold-trimmed ribbon
Glittery gold clip-on poinsettias from Dollar Tree.
A little bit of a lot of things!

I know my gold tinsel-tree isn’t terribly traditional (then again, neither is the pink-flocked one I’ve been using!), but for me it has been a huge bright spot while the days have been getting shorter. I’m so glad I went all-in for Christmas sparkle this year!

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2 Responses to Extra sparkle for a Christmas that really needs it

  1. Sheila Smith says:

    Thank you so much for the pics! I truly enjoyed them. When I change my tables, I feel like a little girl again! At 72, that is a sweet feeling! Thanks again!
    Sheila Smith

    • Janet says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. It wasn’t the greatest year, so the “extra sparkle” really helped to end it on a pretty note! Wishing you the very best!

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