Just in time for Faded Summer!

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Remember those letter boards that were all the rage a couple of years ago, featuring individual plastic letters you wedged into the little grooves to spell out motivational, humorous, or (if you’re like me) deeply sarcastic messages? I found mine recently, stuffed into a tote bag in the back of a closet I was trying to organize. I promptly put this message on it, and posted it to Instagram:

The message applied to both the letter board itself and my Instagram accounts – which I had largely ignored since Christmas 1947 last year. Much like my poor neglected blog, which you now see has not had a fresh post since… ahem… January 1.

That doesn’t mean I dislike blogging or my sweet blog – far from it, I still love them both. VERY MUCH! As well as Instagram, Twitter, my Facebook Group and Blog Page, and my short-lived new bestie Threads. But let’s just say it’s been a long distance relationship with social media this year.

The thing is, I’ve returned to blogging (and BOTH Instagram accounts, and all the rest), just in time to pull you down the path of celebrating my “unofficial fifth season,” Faded Summer!

More about Faded Summer soon, but for now if you’ve read this far and would like to grab your free Official Guide to the Unofficial Fifth Season – Faded Summer, just click the top link in the ol’ sidey-sidebar (upper right corner of the blog)… pop in your email address… and you’ll receive your free digital guide directly to your in-box as well as future updates from me!

Thank you – truly – for reading. New stuff coming soon to the bloggity-blog – I PROMISE!

P.S. – Admit it: those letter boards were a HUGE pain in the you-know-what… so laborious to create a message, like trying to suck peanut butter through a straw. I actually hated mine.

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