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Small house living: furniture placement challenges

Living in a small house (625 square feet on the main floor) can be a challenge for a gal like me who loves to collect vintage and antique everything. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to make the most of … Continue reading

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Creating Vintage Floral Cottage Style

If someone were to ask me about my decorating style, where others might say theirs was Traditional, or Boho, or even Eclectic, I would say mine is cottage style. Or, more specifically, I would define mine as “vintage floral cottage.” … Continue reading

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In praise of silk flowers

I know you might scoff at silk flowers, and have possibly even been a scoffer ever since you first noticed the fake, thick-plastic blooms your grandmother used to display on top of her console television in the 1970’s. I get … Continue reading

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In praise of top sheets

A local radio station personality (us old folks used to call them “disc jockeys” or DJ’s, which is an old-timey word that originated back when those people on the radio used to play songs on individual acetate… later vinyl… discs… … Continue reading

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It’s finally Spring… I think!

Spring is arriving slowly this year… it’s April 2 and we are still having mostly gray skies with cooler temperatures, and there is that dirty four-letter word in our forecast even this week! Turns out the sprained ankle I thought … Continue reading

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