A little Spring decorating vignette

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Is it Spring? Is it St. Patrick’s Day? Valentine’s Day? You guys, I don’t even know right now… I mean I know what the calendar says, but my brain is just so DONE with Winter. The other day I was trying to set a St. Patrick’s Day themed table with some Limoges dinner plates that I’m thinking of selling in advance of the holiday – here’s a sneak-peek, I can’t wait to show you the rest!

… but hard as I tried I could NOT stay focused. The whole thing kept over-stepping the intended holiday and venturing into a general Spring theme. Well you know me, I just rolled with it – and I love the finished table but it left me feeling just a bit guilty that I didn’t give poor old St. Pat his due. Maybe I will set him an Irish tea table just to make it up to him!

But I digress – already. Anyway, I went thrifting (of course!) this weekend and a stop at my favorite consignment shop proved very fruitful indeed because the very first thing in the door that caught my attention was this gorgeous silk floral arrangement – which immediately hopped into my cart and insisted on coming home with me at full price. The audacity!

Spring fling floral arrangement

Ok, all is forgiven, it’s just so cheerful and Spring-like – I immediately set to work changing up the vignette on the blue washstand so it would be the first thing you see as you walk in my door, too!

Spring fling floral arrangement

I styled it with a few other thrifted items, including this pretty “Paris” clock –

Thrifted Paris clock

A sweet little silver tray holding seasonal antique postcards – can we please bring back the habit of sending these beautiful vintage cards to each other as correspondence? Who wants a pen-pal?

Antique postcards and calling cards

A tiny butterfly print –

Spring butterfly print

… and my also-thrifted-this-weekend magazine rack, holding a collection of recent and specifically “Splendid Spring” back issues of Victoria – the magazine that doubles as a decorating accessory!

Spring magazine rack

Funny aside about the magazine rack… when I first picked it up, I couldn’t figure out what it was for. It appeared to be two metal lyre-shaped andirons (for a fireplace), welded together for some unknown reason. I quickly surmised I could figure out a way to turn it into a gilded magazine rack, and for less than $10 I of course snapped it up.

70s magazine rack

Later, I was doing a bit of research into the piece and quickly learned via Google Lens that it is, in actuality, a magazine rack from the 1970’s. I admit I was a bit disappointed to think that I was not, in fact, cleverly re-purposing something, but I was definitely amused to realize that my instincts for its use were on target!

I picked up several other wonderful things this past weekend which of course I’ll be sharing – along with my St. Patrick’s Day/Spring Tablescape – in future posts! Have you found anything amazing while thrifting lately?

Spring fling on the washstand

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