Attempted Murder: Spooky Crow Craft for Halloween

I have a hard time finding Halloween decor that I like. I’m not much for the cartoony kid stuff, and I also dislike – rather intensely, I might add – the gory options like zombies, axe murderers, chain-saw-wielding villains, etc.

But one thing I do like – is crows!

Beautiful, sociable and really smart – crows are so “present” in Fall that they just seem a natural motif, along with their avian cousin, the raven, for late-Autumn decor. And I found it’s easy to make them just a little bit spooky for Halloween in a very non-cartoony and non-zombie way!

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Last year, my search for Halloween decor led me to two places: Dollar Tree, and Goodwill. (Big surprise, I know!) I loved the glittery faux crows I found at Dollar Tree, and my trip to Goodwill yielded a perfect candlestick-style lamp base. I was initially thinking I would just style these items together on a shelf or something, but then I thought – why not combine them!

So with all of this plus a black feather boa, I crafted this perching crow:

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

Well, I loved him SO much! So this year I vowed to make a few more, especially after scoring these two perfectly spooky lamp bases – two for a dollar! – at a flea market! They are metal, and the green faceted centers are plastic.

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

To make a perching crow of your own, you will need:

  • Thrifted candlestick lamp base (OR – glass taper candleholder or glass bud vase from Dollar Tree)
  • Faux crow (Seasonal at Dollar Tree)
  • Black feather boa (Seasonal at Dollar Tree)
  • Chunk of florist foam (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue
  • Black spray paint in satin finish

Assembly is about as easy as it gets:

  1. Spray paint your base
    Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage
  2. Glue a small chunk of the florist foam down into the candle well or “wiring well” of your base.
  3. Poke the wires coming out of the bird’s feet down into the foam, and cover the entire area with hot glue, including the feet. (This won’t be seen once the feathers are in place.)Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage
  4. Glue a length of feathers around the top of the base and the bird’s feet. NOTE: Be prepared for the feathers to make a mess! And DON’T stress about the feathers being perfect! Once they are on, they will look awesome even if they pull apart a little and stick to your glue-covered fingers like mine did.

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

Here are the two made from the green globe lamp bases:

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

I also made one from a glass taper candleholder:

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

I love how the variations in the faces give them distinct personalities! Doesn’t he look like he’s very curious about what you’re up to?  

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

And here they are perched alongside my Gothic-style radio cabinet:

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage

Perching Crow for Halloween | Vintage Floral Cottage
I’m sharing my “attempted murder” (ha – get it? Because a group of crows is called a murder… and I “attempted” to make a group of crows! oh, I crack me up!) … over at the DIY Salvaged Junk party at! Also sharing at Marty’s lovely blog, A Stroll Thru Life, for Inspire Me Tuesday, and at the 100th Celebrate Your Story link party at Chloe’s Celebrate & Decorate.

Spooky Crow Craft | Vintage Floral Cottage

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Simple Easy Halloween Craft making gothic crows

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