A change in the living room

Haha yes it seems weird to say “the living room” because as we all know, the living room is the dining room is the kitchen here in the dollhouse. BUT – remember when I gave you the nickel tour of the “great and small room” and I said I was going to get a new couch? Well – I did, and BONUS, I also got a new comfy chair because I actually bought a set.

So just as a refresher, here is the “before”:

Old couch | Vintage Floral Cottage

The couch was called “Big Blue” and although it was the kind of piece that called your name and sucked you in for a nap – and in fact was still very comfortable even after 25 years – it had springs poking out underneath and some broken framing and it just wasn’t going to last another 25.

Old couch on curb | Vintage Floral Cottage

So out to the curb it went, with an accompanying post on Craigslist, but alas it ended up going on the truck Monday morning.

And in its place – TA DA!!  A sweet little new-to-me mixy-matchy floral and stripe couch and matching chair.

New couch and Chair | Vintage Floral Cottage

New couch and Chair | Vintage Floral Cottage

New couch | Vintage Floral Cottage

My old “comfy chair” was a small recliner that was still in decent shape so I sold that via one of the for-sale apps (do you use Letgo, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace? I’ve had very good luck with them!). That was kind of nice, because I therefore recouped a little of the money I spent on this set, which was a little more than I intended to spend. So I wasn’t over budget by quite as much. Win-win, right? Right? TELL ME THAT’S A WIN, PEOPLE, I NEED THIS!

New comfy chair | Vintage Floral Cottage

Anyway, been enjoying the new stuff for a few weeks and the only problem I see is that the center gap between those two cushions is going to make it impossible for a third person to sit comfortably on the sofa.

New couch | Vintage Floral Cottage

It is not, however, an issue when napping – in fact, for me it actually provides excellent back support without pushing my butt all the way down to the frame. It is great for lounging and napping, and quite perfect for my Vintage Floral Cottage!

New couch | Vintage Floral Cottage

New couch | Vintage Floral Cottage



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  1. Samantha says:

    Love the pattern mixing!

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