Just arrived: dreamy chargers in fairytale hues

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Over in my Facebook Group, Thrifty Tablescapers, members post daily with photos of lovely budget-friendly tables they’ve set with thrift-store finds, handed down/inherited treasures, and Dollar Tree dishes. These “thrifty” sources are always my go-to’s!

But recently, one of the gals posted an absolutely gorgeous table using the most amazing chargers which she mentioned were available on Amazon. When I went to check them out, they were out of stock – but a couple weeks later they returned, and I decided to go ahead and splurge. At $30 for six, plus free Prime shipping and two-day delivery, they were a bit more than I would normally spend.

But guys, I’m soooo glad I did because they are gorgeous! And while I did indeed pay full retail for them, it didn’t take long to realize how many different dinner plates I have that will go with them. SO many possibilities… and that makes them thrifty – right? (Please tell me it does!)

My first choice was the light baby blue, but I might have to go back for the “ballet pink”!
Just look at those pretty details!

The chargers are by Allgala, imported, and thick plastic. The ones I purchased are in baby blue with gold details in the sculpted edges, but this style also comes in pink. They arrived with a little foam slip-sheet in between each one, so no surface scratches occurred during shipping.

The first thing I did after unpacking them was – what else – play with some dishes to see what I had that would go well with them. I found a few favorites!

Formalities “Bernadotte” by Baum Brothers dinner plate, and “Old English” salad plate by Johnson Brothers of England.
Haviland Limoges, unknown pattern, double gold edge.
Crown Potteries 22k gold wide-shouldered dinner plate. Over the top with gold!
Hand-painted salad plate from Bavaria.
A personal favorite: Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian “Marilyn”.

Can’t wait to do something really special with these! If you’d like to buy them for yourself, you can follow this link:

Allgala Chargers on Amazon

Please note that the above is an affiliate link, meaning if you click on it and make a purchase through my link, it costs you nothing additional but I do get a small commission! (So thanks for using my link if you do decide to purchase! Also note that Allgala has several different chargers to pick from if these aren’t your style – same link above!)

What’s your most recent splurge? Let me know in the comments!

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