Shopping for pumpkins in the rain

As you know I marginally resisted the arrival of Fall this year, but once I got back from my Disney vacation on October 1 I was ready for it. So about a week ago I made an executive decision Friday night that I would visit Pumpkin World on Saturday. This is an outdoor shop that opens up every year in the parking lot of a closed-up gas station not too far from my house.  (Kind of like the guy who used to set up there selling velvet Elvis pictures… but better! Better than velvet Elvis? I understand your doubt but… trust me, it’s better than velvet Elvis!)

It’s an area produce vendor, selling hundreds of pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, etc. It’s a Fall Decor bonanza, and I was giddy with excitement the first time I visited. 

Except on Saturday, it was pouring rain. POURING! For extended periods of time!

So I made another executive decision: I wanted to go to Pumpkin World and I was not going to let the rain stop me. I grabbed my umbrella and headed out. I was literally the only customer… what other idiot would be shopping outdoors in a thunderstorm? I got soaking wet from walking through all the puddles but I was determined not to let it ruin my fun. Here’s a peek at my wet and wild visit to Pumpkin World!

Pumpkin World Visit 2017 | Vintage Floral Cottage

If you can’t find the perfect jack-o-lantern here, you’re not trying!

Pumpkin World Visit 2017 | Vintage Floral Cottage

I actually need to go back and get a few more of these cute white pie pumpkins… I found a neat little “face” kit at Dollar Tree (just poke in the pieces to make the face… kind of like Mr. Potato Head!) but the white pie-ers I bought aren’t big enough, and the face I found needs a white pumpkin!

Pumpkin World Visit 2017 | Vintage Floral Cottage


Did someone say “straw bales”?

Pumpkin World Visit 2017 | Vintage Floral Cottage

Cart after cart filled with a wide variety of goodies!

Pumpkin World Visit 2017 | Vintage Floral Cottage

It’s a darn good thing I decided to shop in the rain, because the entire day was either raining hard, letting up, or raining hard again. I’m doing a little more this year in terms of porch decor for Halloween, so I hope the little trick-or-treaters come to my door!



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