Back in the antique mall booth business

Lately I’ve been thinking about returning to the antique mall booth business, for a variety of reasons. So this past week I went to the mall where I had my first booth three years ago. Knowing it had changed owners, I went in to shop and scope out/inquire about available booth space. It’s called Memory Lane Antiques, Collectibles & Gifts, located at 208 Fifth Street in West Des Moines.

Original antique mall booth | Vintage Floral Cottage

Here’s my original space at Memory Lane in West Des Moines. This was two adjacent wall spaces, so primarily shelving but it was a great entry into the antique mall booth business!

In talking with the new owner, who is a gal I knew from my prior run as a vendor there, I discovered that not only did she have some space available, she also needed help with marketing the business via social media. So I’m very excited because I will once again have a small antique mall booth and I will be trading a bit of my time to help her with the marketing in exchange for the booth rent!

Antique mall booth | Vintage Floral Cottage

This is a booth we had at another local mall – it was quite large and we sold a lot of project furniture pieces here.

This is absolutely perfect for me because I do feel that having an established retail space could be helpful in selling my vintage and vintage-inspired merchandise. But I won’t have to worry about possibly having to pay out-of-pocket for my rent because I will be working it off instead of trying to reach/exceed it in sales. I’m also going to fill in occasionally at the checkout counter, which will further ensure that I have no out-of-pocket expenses related to maintaining my booth space.

So this week I’m busy planning (once again) an antique mall booth space and putting together a social media plan. It also feels like a huge opportunity to learn more about how the mall business itself operates, and to observe first-hand the types of things that sell in this particular mall. I move into my booth space on Friday the 14th!

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